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About ALP

At Active Life Products Inc., we are committed to developing unique, efficacious products to improve our customers quality of life.  We believe people deserve to enjoy life to its fullest. To that end, we strive to make products that give everyone the ability to engage in the activities of their choice.  Whether it be sport such as swimming, mountain climbing, water or snow skiing or yoga or intimacy or just enjoying a long bath or shower, we think everyone should BE FREE...AND STAY CONNECTEDTM


ALP was founded by a young ostomate in Canada named Brock Masters. Born with Spina Bifida, Brock overcame many obstacles in his quest for a healthy, active lifestyle. After 22 surgeries over 24 years and much hard work Brock was healthy and looked forward to enjoying all life had to offer. One of his surgeries was ostomy surgery. While this dramatically improved Brock’s quality of life, he found functional limitations with his ostomy appliance. Brock assembled a scientific and technical team to help him develop products that would allow him and others the freedom to engage in normal, everyday activities without worrying that their ostomy appliance might fail. The result was Sure Seal Rings.

In 2007 the company relocated to Chicago, Illinois. The ALP team remains committed to the principles on which Brock founded his company to helping others lead a healthy, active lifestyle.